Spencer Goad

Developer • Traveller • Photographer

Spencer Goad

Developer • Designer • Photographer
Spencer Goad - Software Developer

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

- Walt Disney
We live in an extraordinary age, an age where technology makes the impossible possible every day. I'm a software developer working daily to make dreams of the future reality and enjoying my family, travel, photography, music, and life in general along the way!


I wrote my first lines of code (in BASIC!) when I was 11, so you might say I got an early start. Since that time I've started and sold my own online company, won awards from Microsoft, earned a formal degree, and developed software for companies big & small (including leading the engineering team at a SaaS startup). I currently help make the software magic happen (quite literally) at Walt Disney Imagineering. Want to know more? Check out my resume or my product design portfolio.


I received my first camera as a gift at age 12 and have enjoyed the hobby ever since! You can check out a showcase of some of my best photography over on Flickr.